Yaana Solar

After you sign your Yaana Solar agreement, you’re ready for solar installation. Now the real fun begins! The best part? You don’t have to lift a finger because we take care of everything from scheduling to submitting permits, to working with the city and securing those big, beautiful panels to your roof. Naturally, you’ll have questions, and we’ll be right there with you answering them every step of the way. Here’s what you can expect:

Site Analysis

A technician will visit you in your home to confirm your system design, verify measurements, and adjust for shade and obstructions on your roof.

Solar System Quotation

Following site evaluation, our solar design experts will make any necessary adjustments and email you final Quotation.


Once you give the green light we’ll submit your design to the city for permitting. The timing now depends on how quickly local government works.


After your approval is granted we’ll get to work placing those gorgeous new panels on the roof! Learn more about solar panel installation and see what happens during an installation

Government Inspections

When Installation is finished, the Government will do a final inspection before your system can be connected to the grid.

Utility Interconnection

Now you’re in the home stretch. We’ll submit your documents to the utility company and they’ll install a net meter allowing Say Solar to track how much solar electricity you produce and use.

Power Up And Start Saving

When the utility company grants Permission to Operate, that means you’re free to flip the switch and start generating clean, affordable, money-saving energy right from your roof. Congratulations, you're in!